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vibrating screen

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oil vibrating sieving mesh
wire dia:1.5mm-12mm
square open:0.5cm-1.5cm
material:304 304L 316 316L
specification:plane sieve



Oil Vibrating Sieving Meshis also known as vibrating screen.
Materials: Stainless steel wire, plastic netting, steel plate, galvanized steel plate.
Features: Corrosion resistance, heat resistance.
Specification: Plate thickness: 0.3-8mm. Short grid distance: 3-80mm. Long grid distance: 3-200mm. Maximum width: 2.0m.
Uses: As vibrating screen for petroleum equipment.


vibrating sieving mesh,high efficiency double layer felt vibrating sieving mesh,GZS—G4type high frequency frame sieving mesh,PM48—30Dnew style sieving mesh,GZS—1 high frequency padding mesh,waving high frequency double layre vibrating sieving mesh,etc.They were sold to the oil field around the world


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