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Snow Fence1

2012-05-08 18:07:26 Source:Hebei BangDa Metal Products Co.,Ltd Browse:1177


Snow Fence1

Material: HDPE
color: orange-red,orange-yellow
mesh size: 40*100mm,35*65m
length: 50-100m
width: 1.0-1.2m


plastic warning nets

Product introduction: The plastic caution network famous security circle net, this product uses the high density polyethylene(HDPE) is a raw material, adding the anti-ultraviolet ray assistant processing, passes through longitudinal stretches the gridiron pattern stretch caution network hotly, its mechanical properties have the distinct enhancement, the product widely apply in the project construction, the roadbed protection, the upscale caution railing, the snowy area railing and so on.




Product characteristic: This product, not only the unit area weight is light, moreover the mechanical properties are more superior, this net net surface is smooth, firm is not easy to pull open exquisitely, smooth, mesh even, has the anti-old chemical property. Inoxidizability, flexibility good and so on characteristics.



Product uses: Widely applies in the construction basic unit, the packing paper bag stiffener; Three dimensional vegetation base net, plant support net; The maintenance work uses the safety net; Garden guard rail, home use decoration and so on. Applies in the decoration protecting wire net, Gao Weidang the fence and so on many domains, in the construction factory caution function, may duplicate uses


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